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The Bikechair gives you the freedom to get out and about, with the wind in your hair and a smile on your face

The Story
The Bikechair was originally conceived and designed by Sunshine Coast local Bill Forward to enable his wife Glad to continue enjoy riding outdoors after she developed Alzheimer’s. 
The sight of Bill and Glad cycling together on their unique tricycle around local bikeways quickly gained the attention of locals resulting in a short video being made which told the couples inspiring story and how the Bikechair came about.
This video went on to receive over 2 million views on Youtube resulting in a feature story on 60 minutes as well as numerous other media presentations. 
Watch the video here:

Bill has asked 121 Care Inc to take over the project in order to take the design to full production retaining the original ethos and characteristics of the first Bikechair that he built for Glad. 
We at 121 Care are privileged to work with such an inspiring family towards making the Bike chair both affordable and available to everyone.
It is anticipated that the Bikechair will be available for sale from September 2016.

Update: May 2016
Hello, everyone.
Wow! Thanks again for the reponses. We are so sorry that this process has taken so long but you wouldn't believe what needs to go on to make something like this available!! But the good news is .....
We have now asked 121 Care Inc to take over The Bike Chair project and they are working towards making the bike affordable and available to every one.
Check out this link http://121care.org.au/bike-chair/

Keep an eye on our facebook page too!

Update Feb 2014:
"We have been overwhelmed with the response with regard to The Bike Chair.  What was just an idea to meet an individual need  has created a global interest and that has touched our hearts.
We attempted to turn the concept of the Bike Chair into a reality to help those with special needs but unfortunately have hit so many ‘red tape’ snags along the way, we haven’t got very far.  Due to the uniqueness of the design and despite the level of quality, our Solicitor and Insurance Representatives have advised us to cease all manufacture of The Bike Chair both within Australia and Overseas until such time as the "red tape" can be resolved.
We are truly sorry about this but please rest assured that we will work to ensure the concept of the Bike Chair stays alive and will pass it on to interested parties so they can carry it on.
Thank you for your kind and encouraging emails, interest and comments that have come in over the last year.  We hope and trust that you will be able to find something that will suit your needs.